ok. So being as I am nearly the only human being left without a blog, Ive been wanting to star one for a while…

Who am I? I am a 23 year old, Half English / Half Spanish born in Torremolinos in the south of Spain in Malaga. Studied and currently work and live as podiatrist in Brighton.

Brief introduction…So first if all, you ask yourself, what is a blog?

Sin título

A personal space on the web, that sounds good to me, so…

What will this blog be about? What am I going to be posting on this blog?

Ever since I can remember Ive wanted a camera, when I was able ever save up for anything I, of course, put it towards my first camera, Ive been snapping life ever since, always the one “with the camera” at parties, events, gatherings, when travelling, visiting… I am also a big foodie, a bargain hunter and a shopper.

So this blog will be a little part of me, life behind the lense, including, restaurant/cafes reviews, places I visit, things I do, recipes, baking, shopping, and anything I wish to share with my online diary.

I hope this will be enjoyable for people to read, feel free to share your comments, reviews and/or opinions.

The journey starts here.

The Mad Snapper.

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