Cordoba Mosque & recommendations

Cordoba Mosque & recommendations

Hi guys!! As mentioned in my previous post (Granada), the next few posts were to be related to Southern Spain, so here we are, Cordoba today!

One of my best friends from University is from here, so I’m able to say I have visited here quite a few times, but last summer I got the chance to visit the Mosque, the famous Mezquita, located in the Andalusian city of Cordoba.

Month: This trip was added on to my September visit to Spain. Cordoba isn’t a coastal city therefore they get very extreme weather, it gets very hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter. I wouldn’t recommend visiting this city in the peak of the Summer (July, August), the average temperature those months is probably above 37 Degrees which if you ask me, it’s a little too hot! Apparently, Cordoba has one of the highest summer average temperatures in Europe, fact!

Transport: Cordoba doesn’t have a large international airport. Your closest airport is located in Seville or Malaga, with good public transport from both these cities.

Money: € – Euros

Food: 2 typical dishes I can talk about here. 1 for me is a MUST try and literally one of my favourite foods.

Salmorejo: Cold, creamy paste made from tomatoes, bread and oil. A much thicker version of the famous Gazpacho. Usually topped with Iberico Ham and hard boiled egg. In Malaga they serve a variation of this dish called Porra.

Flamenquin: Is a Serrano ham and Pork roll fritter.

We had lunch at a great cocktail bar called Horno San Luis that also serves the yummiest food and had a variation of the Flamenquin. This place is very close to the Mosque and is an old Andalusian house which has been transformed into multi-storey gastrobar and cocktail club. Perfect for an updated twist on the traditional menu.

Flamenquin is usually made of Pork but this version was Bulls tail.

A top place to try in Cordoba, and literally in one of the streets of the mosque, is Bar Taberna Santos, known for its Tortilla or Spanish omelette. You will not see many made like this is Spain. Each one is made with 22 eggs! Check it out for yourselves. It’s only a small joint, you will have to try the omelette standing or sitting on the wall of the Mosque outside with a cool beer! yum!

For a nice Coffee/Juice, La Bicicleta. This joint has a really cool vibe and had the nicest fresh juice and vegan cakes! The decor is pretty quirky too.

And last but not least on my recommendation list is El Perro Andaluz, another quirky twist on your typical spanish food, an Asian twist actually! Waiter is lovely and really cool location and decor.

Photos taken with phone, so not perfect quality, sorry!

Visit: I didn’t manage to get many photos of the area on this day as our main goal was to visit the Mosque as the rest I had already seen, but I will scout my hard-drives to find some more photos of Cordoba from other visits.

The Jewish Quarter: The historic centre, or Jewish Quarter was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the largest in Europe.

Cuesta del Bailio

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Summer16)

The Cathedral/Mosque: La Mezquita de Cordoba. The main event, regarded as one of the most accomplished monuments in the Moorish architecture. Originally a small temple of Christian Visigoth origin until taken by muslims when they took over Spain and the Christian side was demolished building the grand mosque on its grounds. Later in the 16th century Cordoba had returned to Christian rule and the building converted to Roman-Catholic rule with a central cathedral inserted. However when Charles V visited the finished structure he was displeased and stated “they have taken something unique in all the world and destroyed it to build something you can find in any city.”

Outside the Mosque and the Court of Oranges or Patio de los Naranjos.

The interior: Rows and rows of columns cover the extensive halls. It’s truly beautiful.

And the clash of the Catholic influence within the Mosque. The Cathedral:

The Mihrab: A mihrab is used in a mosque to identify the wall that faces Mecca—the birth place of Islam in what is now Saudi Arabia.

A truly beautiful, remarkable place. A mixture of many thoughts and power.

Have you visited Cordoba? What did you think? Let me know!

The Mad Snapper xx


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