Bye Ampelman!

Bye Ampelman!

Last day in Berlin, left to go and visit the Concentration camp and museum of Sachsenhousen. It’s very easy getting around Berlin, a day ticket which includen S-bahn, U-bahn, tram, bus, you name it costs 6 euros per person!

To get to Sachsenhousen you have to get train from Hoffbanhoff station (well worth a visit just to see this station) to Orianenburg, then catch a local bus.



Not the sort of place to take lots of photos. Back to hotel to get our cases and have THE best lunch in Charlottenburg before back to airport.

Small cafe/restaurant called LENTZ. Menus were all in German, but staff lovely and was great to be sitting outside sipping wine and munching a bit more German food!




When in Germany, eat Pork apparently!! Beautifully done with garlic butter & potatoe and onion relish.


And a Salmon and Tomatoe pasta, yum!



Was so nice sitting here we then realised we were quite late for train to airport! So…rush back on train to airport!!

That’s all from the German tales… next stop Greece!


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