Hadn’t got round to this, busy time of year with work and also lots going on, but time to reminisce and show you a part of Greece. At the end June went over on the nearly 4 hour flight to mainland Greece first, Athens, and then to Chania in Crete.

Photographic Summary and what I got up to in Athens!

Very early flight, had to get taxi from Brighton I think it was something like 3 am!! Oh dear, anyway. After long tube ride to city centre from Hotel (allow at least 50 minutes!) Charged into getting some grub, was much past lunch time when this happened and it’s always grab first thing you see on day 1!

This is what we were presented! Actually most people were sitting and eating this. Souvlaki. Not like the greasy after-hours kebab that we all know too well and wish we hadn’t eaten! Kebabs and Souvlakis in Greece are another story!


After lunch done, time to try to get our bearings!


Have a walk around the small streets of Plaka and enter the Agora, of course number one attraction in Athens. Actually the way they charge you the entrance I thought was pretty good idea, all the archeological areas, that are scattered around the city, you buy one ticket that is valid for 4 consecutive days, the cost of this ticket is 12 euros and free for students and then every time you enter they just tear a section of the ticket off, so they are all included in one ticket valid for 4 days!







One thing I discovered in Athens is OH MY GOD HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A COCKTAIL BAR!! The best rooftop terraced cocktail bars!! On top of the Monasteriki square lies 360, a must visit!


So hows this for a view!!



More to come folks!! Wish was back there now, what is up with this UK summer this year!! Help us… Night 🙂

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