Magnum Experience

Magnum Experience

A belated post really, but when I visited Athens back in the Summer, came across this little gem and had to share.



Magnum opened these pop-up stores all around the world this Summer to celebrate 25th birthday, but I first found one in Athens, I have since then come across the one in London on Covent Garden, but being London, this had a HUGE queue outside the doors with special barriers and all.. the experience in Athens was a lot more peaceful.

  1. Chose your flavour ice cream and have it dipped in chocolate, went for white of course!


2. Chose your topings!


DSC_0519 DSC_0520 DSC_0521

3. And a drizzle of a little more chocolate on top!

DSC_0522  DSC_0528


4. Utter BLISS!!


Making me want to grab one now! even in this autumnal weather…!!

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