Prague, a city break away!

Prague, a city break away!

Quite a while back my uni friends and I started looking at dates for a ling weekend away, we live all over the place around Spain and Uk so it was important to book very far in advance.


So flights (£80 return) and airbnb (£70 each for 3 nights) all booked it’s time to go to Prague! Check Republic has its own currency, but I had heard it was very cheap so I decided to not change very much dosh (£120 about 3900 Krn) and get more when needed, but in fact that’s all I spent in nearly 4 days so all in all a VERY budget holiday (return flights, 3 night accommodation and spending money including 2 nights out £270 WHAT!!!!)

Right stating the cheapness of the holiday… Aswell as how beautiful is this city, I very highly recommend a long weekend in Prague (oh yeah but maybe invest in a great warm coat)

We included some nightlife and tourism, so you can do it all here. Prague wasn’t destroyed at all in the war so it’s in great condition, therefore lots to see by just walking around.


Friday night, we decided to do a light tour of the night life and ended up most the night in a bar/club called James Dean. Good music (elvis, mj, the 80s classics..), crowd, drinks. Mind you the checks are a bit pushy when they want to get past and my friend did get her bag dived into, luckily she noticed so just be a bit careful. We didn’t go too late this night as were getting up the next day to do sightseeing tours and decided to go home about 2am.


On our first full day we took a Sandermans Freetour, the deal is you pay at the end what you feel is adequate. We met at the old town square and did a 3 hour walking tour all around the main sights. After this, we decided to carry straight on and do another 3 hour tour that included Prague Cathedral and fortress, Charles Bridge and the area of Malastrana. We had to pay 300krn for this second tour but this did mean that in one day and 15km walking we had done most of the stuff to see.


Saturday night we had decided was going to be our “going out night”. We were shattered from the sightseeing all day so we decided to stay quite near our apartment. Predrinks in the crib and then on to “NEBE”, a smaller club, with free entry and surprisingly good music!! Lots of dancing, Jagger drinks, 6 am maybe time to go home…!!



The team, a little hung over, have one day left in this beautiful city.
We had already visited most of the important sights on Saturday, so a lovely long stroll along the river, passing the Dancing house, and taking us back to Charles Bridge and to the main square to see the Astronomical clock in full movement (it chimes every hour, a must see).


I think by this point we were a bit fed up with Pork and all the pork specialities, we really fancied some good old pasta! Found the cutest little italian restaurant, that of course still served the delicious Goulash soup! After lunch, a bit of souvenir shopping and a last bite at the local pastry, Trdelnik, cooked over an open flame all over the streets of Prague, not a sweet dough, but covered with sugar, spices and everything nice!


Back to the apartment it was, and to watch the Oscars on TV! (finally Leo!).


I am a huge fan of city breaks, but I have got to say, Prague has to be up there on the top of the list! So much to see, do, good food, cheap, nightlife! And also to be in such great company, a trip I won’t forget.

See you soon my friends!


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2 thoughts on “Prague, a city break away!”

  • I’m glad you enjoyed that much your trip! I really enjoy reading blog post like this. I’ve missed a little bit more of photos, tho. Cheers! x

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