The last of Massachusetts!

The last of Massachusetts!

We were only spending 2 days in Boston, a quick different break before heading to the Big Apple.

Even though the hotel included breakfast, the coffee, after being spoilt in Brighton, was however not as great, so on to Beacon Hill, the CUTEST area in the city, for a great coffee (and maybe a little biscuit).

Tatte Bakery and Cafe





Gorgeous day and this cafe is a keeper!! Great buzz and place for people watching!!


My photos of Beacon Hill are a bit of a let down, but I was enjoying the walk so much!!

After the lovely coffee we headed towards the river, across Harvard Bridge and on to the campus.


Around Downtown crossing for some light shopping!



And that’s it for today!! Really enjoyed Boston but on to New York! Had booked a train to get there, you arrive in Penn Station bang in the centre of Manhattan with the Empire State greeting you as you exit the station!! See you there folks!!

TMS xx

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