Hai Van Pass & Marble Mountains

Hai Van Pass & Marble Mountains

Central Vietnam – For the journey from Hoi An to Hue we were recommended to get a car for the day or get bikes. Hiring a bike for the day really wasn’t for me, if you saw what the roads are like in this country you would agree… So getting a car and driver for the day sounded FAB! Our Hoi An Hotel organised it all, and this has to be remembered as one the best days we had in our whole trip. We were extremely lucky with our driver, this made the day really, he was LOVELY.

On the way to Hue you drive through Da Nang, and we wanted to stop and visit the Marble Mountains. This is a really cool stop, and do recommend this is if you can do it! We didn’t get to see any more in Da Nang, as we didn’t have time but also had been told there wasn’t too much to see, it was becoming quite built up and future resorts being planned.


Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains is a cluster of 5 marble and limestone mountains with peaks, caves, tunnels and temples. You should allow at least 2/3 to explore the whole area, there is a LOT of climbing stairs, I think i was so hot and tired I didn’t take many photos!! I would advise going early as it really is hot up there! and drink plenty of water.

There is a lift to take you up if you wish, and an easier journey/path to go along but we decided to walk up to take in the views and explore the caves.




Hai Van Pass

Or the “Ocean, cloud pass” is a 21km long mountain pass in Central Vietnam. The pass is renowned for its scenic beauty but also for its difficulty, due to bad visibility and winding roads, some of Vietnam’s most serious accidents have been on this road!! Understand why I wouldn’t hire a bike on this road??!!!! Our driver knew exactly where it was safe to stop and take breaks and photographs so this was great.


Some remnants of the Vietnam War still stand at the top of the Hai Van Pass. During the war the Pass joined the war-torn cities of Hue and Da Nang and was referred to as the Street Without Joy.


It’s name refers to the mists that rise from the sea, reducing visibility. Pretty misty!!
This photo is taken at the highest point of the High Van Pass.


The views along the way were incredible, I just wanted to stop and watch as much as possible!!



IMG_3805 (1)

The photos don’t do it justice I must say, as it was a very misty day. But you can take my word for it or anyones word, it’s a day trip you must do!!

I am aware there is a train to do this journey, but takes a lot longer and is quite complicated journey with times and changes etc. If I remeber well the cost of the driver for the day was around $70. VERY worth it, he was with us all day, waited for us whilst we went to Marble Mountains, did various stops with us along the way and was full of local knowledge and conversation. Talk to your hotel in Hoi An and get the to give you prices for the day and ENJOY.

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